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Barra, 1940
The Princess fairy tale, olio su pannello, cm 97x97
Sora Orlando, 1903-1981
Sora Orlando
La mia fidanzata, olio su tavola di legno, cm 54x80, 1928
Caselli Giuseppe, 1893-1976
Caselli Giuseppe
Sagrato di chiesa (San Lorenzo), olio su tela, cm 80x100


The Comanducci Universal Fine Art Dictionary sinks own roots in the well known, in Italy, A. M. Comanducci, Dizionario illustrato dei Pittori, Disegnatori e Incisori Italiano Moderni e Contemporanei, whose first edition has its beginning in 1930, even if with a slightly different title. This supplied only informations, as the title itself suggests, about italian artists of the XIX and XX centuries while, in the by now far 1992, the actual Dictionary's Staff decided to widen the range of the Dictionary itself making it Universal, including artists form every age and nationality. Since that year we are working every day to widen and integrate our informatic and on paper archives with always more informations on artists already included and adding new artists.
The huge quantity of informations present, make virtually impossible the realization of a paper vesion of the Dictionary, infact at the moment the only way of reach us is this web site, through which It's possible to ask for informations about artists. We offer also services for artists, sell of auction results and art books, and so on.
Don't hesitate to contact us for every needs.

Comanducci Web Staff.

Testa Silvana, 1946
Testa Silvana
Acqua, olio su tela, cm 90x120, 2010
Lovato Mario, 1936
Lovato Mario
Casa mia dolce casa, olio, cm 40x50
Vasiliki S
Vasiliki S
Meditazione, olio su tela e spatola, cm 80x100, 1976
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